Need to Place an Online Order? Let’s Go



Need to Place an Online Order?
Let’s Go

Our journey of opening 3 Bowls of Color began 11 years ago. Our business is based on friendship, communication and love of the beauty industry. We value those things so much that it is prominately stated in our mission statement. As many salons know, there is many distributors in this industry that want and need to “sell” you their products. Sometimes it can make your head spin trying to figure out which direction is right for our business and most importantly our clients.

3 Bowls of Color has worked with and been committed to Twin State for the entire 11 years we have been open. We have increasingly stocked more and more. Susan Chapin, our sales rep, has always brought us innovative information on supplies and products that Twin State sells. She has never pushed us but delivers the information she already believes in. Coincidentally, our stylists share the product information in much the same way when talking to their clients. The companies’ brand manager, Brandon Robertson has personally come and met with us on several occasions to find out exactly how Twin State can help us grow in this industry.

Recently our salon attended the Twin State Show in Hampton, Va. The staff for the entire show was completely helpful and professional- including the product companies and the owners of Twin State. We were impressed to see everyone working together even at check out to get things accomplished.

Thank you Twin State for always impressing us! It is a pleasure to work with you.