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A New Colour Activator 10 Vol



Davines A New Colour Activators are creamy emulsions containing hydrogen peroxide, the oxidizing agent that favours the polymerization action that will lead to the desired colour. A New Colour Activators have a particular viscosity studied to facilitate the mixing of the components and to allow the perfect adherence of the colour mix on the hair structure, avoiding any running of the mix. Also activators contain Vitamin C that, together with the Carotenoids and Melanin present in the colour, and the Vitamin C present in the cream base, creates a mix with a distinctive anti-free radical action. Furthermore, emollient substances have been added to increase the solubility of pigments and favour their penetration in the hair structure.

Easy mixing with the line components.
It perfectly adheres to the hair structure without bleeding.
Gentle formula for soft and hydrated hair.
Ammonia-free, without parabens.