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A New Colour Cream Base



Davines A New Colour Cream Base is the key element of Davines’ colouring system. Indeed, it can achieve all the results that are traditionally obtained with ammonia-based colours, but without using ammonia. The element characterizing the cream base is Sodium Metasilicate, a natural alkalinizing agent made up of quartz powder, characterized by a very high refractive index, which is much higher than that of diamond and can give hair an extraordinary shine. It is fully biodegradable and is also known as “soluble glass” because its structure is similar to that of glass, but it is soluble in water. It is used in synergy with the MEA contained in the colour to create the alkaline environment required for pigment penetration into the hair. It can also remove heavy metals from water, thus carrying out a protective function on the hair structure. Thanks to the presence of Sodium Metasilicate, MEA can achieve the same performance of ammonia fully respecting the hair structure. The cream base also contains Vitamin C with its well-known antioxidant properties; it works in synergy with the Carotenoids and Melanin present in the colour to create a mix with distinctive anti-free radical properties. Vegetable Vaseline is a fully natural active ingredient derived from castor oil and carnauba wax. Castor oil carries out softening and protective actions on the hair structure: it prevents hair breakage and the formation of split ends because it rebalances the amount of lipids in the hair. Vegetable vaseline also adds shine and carries out a moisturizing and conditioning action on hair. Carnauba wax has shine-giving and antioxidant properties as well.

It gives the hair extraordinary shine.
Softening and protective properties.
Ammonia-free for a pleasant and odourless application.
Gentle formula for soft and hydrated hair.
Ammonia-free, without parabens.